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Email Marketing

From sending customers a newsletter, announcing specials or a simple thank you, email marketing is one of the best methods to stay in front of your customers. An effective email marketing strategy will include calls to action that can generate immediate measurable results.

Cost-effective, Measurable Results

Email marketing can be used as a standalone marketing tool or easily integrated into any cross media-marketing plan. Email marketing not only improves customer communications it provides a measurable return on investment.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Savings on paper and postage
  • Delivery time can be predetermined for time sensitive communications
  • Emails can be forwarded – driving more business from your customer’s contacts
  • Speed to market is exponentially quicker than traditional marketing
  • Campaigns can be targeted to relevant customer segments
  • Inexpensively provide customers updates, sales, offers, reminders of upcoming events, seasonal services and countless other points of contact
  • Easy platform to launch or improve other marketing verticals such as social media or mobile marketing